Where do you write that long stretch in your novel that trickles out of your head at any given moment? Is it happening in your room late at night with no one else up, or in a cafe during the day with a scene of people doing their day to day business? I have noticed this both as a novelist and poet, that where I write has a great effect on what I write, that is, if I don’t change it up a bit and get a taste of a new perspective every once in a while I will be drowning in old ideas. When I wrote my book Blood Homeless, I was everywhere, I lived through my writing, I slept in a different place every night almost and often spent the days writing either on the beach, in a cafe, on a roof, in a van, late at night, mid day, sometimes even between ten and eleven would be when I get my little nourishment taken care of and begin an entry that develops as if you’d stumbled upon some strange culture and your taking it in for the first time.

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