It is an art how to write a book review effectively. You can read online book reviews to get ideas. However, there are certain things you have to learn to get mastery over writing reviews. Whether you are reviewing a fiction or nonfiction, there are some basic things you should consider.

Review Fiction

If you wish to review a fiction, you may need to consider the basic elements:

1. Plot: You have to figure out what is the story all about. Also find out which sort of conflict is there.

2. Setting: Learn about place and time in which the story occurs and develops

3. Characters: When it comes to studying the characters, please note their gender and age. Also pay close attention to the main as well as supportive characters. Mark whether characters are really important or some of them are just quirks.

4. Dialogue: You need to mark how the characters speak and communicate with each other.

When writing a book review, you can analyze the approach of the writer in relation to these basic elements of fiction. You can see whether the main character is believable or not. You can also see how the setting helps in enhancing the plot. Also note whether the story develops slowly or fast. And above all, you should note whether the story succeeds in developing sustained interest in the reader or not.

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