Interested in learning how to publish an eBook online? Learning how to publish an eBook is the next step once a writer is ready with his or her eBook and has covered all of the steps from writing the book, getting it reviewed and edited, and designed the cover art. The dynamics of eBook publishing are changing rapidly with new services, new formats, and new terms and conditions being introduced, so it’s always better to research how to publish an eBook before starting the actual process. The research will help you save time and money. Below are a few basic points that need to be considered on how to publish an eBook.

Using Publishing Services

You need to consider the method of publishing for your eBook; whether you want to self-publish your eBook or to use traditional publishing services. If you do not know how to publish an eBook, then it is better to go for publishing services like CreateSpace that will help in the entire process of publishing your eBook. While selecting your publishing services, there are various parameters to be kept in including: is it a single channel driven by retailer or multiple channel driven by distributors?; is your contract exclusive or non-exclusive?; who keeps the ownership rights?; who controls the pricing?; is there any specific format that they expect?

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